5-Day Wellness Challenge

October 21-25

Mindfulness...it may seem like the buzzword of the century, but there is a host of benefits to mindfulness and meditation.  From improved sleep, to increased energy and focus and decreased anxiety levels, taking the time for a daily practice is an important part of a healthy lifestyle...a perfect way to "rejuvenate!"

Learn what mindfulness is, it's benefits and how to fit it into your life without too much hassle.  It can literally be practiced in just a few minutes a day or throughout your whole day...it's entirely up to you.  I will give you the tools and you will begin to learn of it's benefits and how to best incorporate it into your daily life.  

 Throughout the 5-Day Challenge, you will receive:
  • A daily mindfulness practice/activity 
  • A daily mindfulness quote
  • A daily informative fact about Mindfulness
  • A Mindfulness and Meditation Resource Guide
  • A Mindfulness activity tracking sheet
There will also be a Private Facebook Group that you can join, or you can receive all of the daily information via email.

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