5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

You may have been hearing lately about different ways in which you can deal with, come to terms with or face what is happening in the world today.  These challenging times can surely be met by each individual in many different ways and I want to let you know that there is not one specific solution for you.  What may seem to be working for your friend, co-worker or family member may not be the way that you will cope best with what is going on.  Mindfulness is just one tool that may help to alleviate the stress and confusion that you could be feeling at this time.  I am offering this program to you so that you can learn a bit more about Mindfulness, Breathing and Meditation and maybe you will find that it brings you some comfort and peace. 

Learn what mindfulness is, it's benefits and how to fit it into your life without too much hassle.  It can literally be practiced in just a few minutes a day or throughout your whole day...it's entirely up to you.  I will give you the tools and you will begin to learn of it's benefits and how to best incorporate it into your daily life.  

 Throughout the 5-Day Challenge, you will receive:
  • A daily mindfulness practice/activity 
  • A daily mindfulness quote
  • A daily informative fact about Mindfulness
  • A Mindfulness and Meditation Resource Guide
  • A Mindfulness activity tracking sheet