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Project Wellness

The All is Well Signature Group Program

Join us on this 4 week journey, designed to give you the tools you need to live the life you desire when it comes to your whole self (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social).


You will be immersed in your own wellness journey by learning how mindfully practicing proper nutrition, exercise, meditation, goal setting, self-compassion, sleep, emotions and relationships can steer you towards your best life.

Host Your Own Project Wellness Group

Grab a bunch of your friends and do this program together!  If you recruit 5 friends to join us, as the host, you will personally receive 50% off the cost of the workshop.  If you recruit 10 or more people to join, as the host, you will not have to pay the workshop fee!  There must be at least 5 participants, including yourself,  to run the program.  

For further details, please click here.

Cost:  $150 per person


All is Well offers a broad variety of workshops, all based on health and wellness topics, that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group.  

Topics Include (but are not limited to):


~ Benefits of Clean Eating and How to Start

~ Creating a Wellness Vision

~ Finding Balance

~ Goal Setting

~ Mindfulness & Meditation

~ Self-Care

~ Stress Management

~ Women's Health (Hormones, Menopause)

Host Your Own Workshop!

Grab a bunch of your friends and invite them to join you for a virtual workshop.  Think of it as a Book Club, except it's a Wellness Club and you are all walking away from it full of new and useful information!  If you recruit 5 or more friends to join us, as the host, you will personally not have to pay the workshop fee!  There must be at least 5 participants, including yourself,  to run the workshop.   

Cost: Ranges from $20 - $40 per participant

Duration: Depending on the topic of the workshop and the number of attendees, a workshop can be between one and two hours.

Seasonal 5-Day Detox Programs

Can be done individually or as a group.  

​I offer (4) 5-Day Detox Programs throughout the year - one in each season.  Why Detox?  There are several reasons to detox periodically throughout the year, but here are a few:

Clean up your diet and focus on eating healthy and tasty foods like whole grains, lean proteins and lots and lots of cleansing veggies

Kick your sugar habit to the curb

Get back on track with your eating habits in a way that won’t leaving you feeling hungry or deprived

Some benefits of doing a detox:

Better digestion

Clearer skin

Increased energy

Weight loss

Improved sleep

For more information and details about the Seasonal Detox Programs, please click here.  


Save the Date: Next Detox begins November 30, 2020.

Questions about the workshops or programs?
If you have any questions about any of our programs or if you would like to talk about the possibility of hosting one, please send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can! 

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