Time for Reflection ~

Has it been a struggle for you to eat healthier, exercise more or find time to take care of yourself?

Do you feel frustrated with your lack of progress in reaching your health and wellness goals?

Are you lacking the energy and motivation required to begin a new routine?

Do you feel stressed and tired?


Are you aware that you have certain behaviors and habits that are holding you back from achieving

your health and wellness goals, but are having a hard time changing them?

Do you feel stuck?  Like you need to change, but don't know where to start?

Are you spending so much time taking care of others that you feel you have no time to take care of yourself?

Time for Change ~

If you answered "yes" to the majority of these questions, it is time for change.  Change is hard, but it is often necessary.  Change creates an opportunity to do something different and better, allowing us to make progress by opening up unexplored possibilities and opportunities.  If something is not working and you are not reaching certain goals in areas of your life that you’d like to improve upon, then it is time for that change.  It is time to put yourself first and immerse yourself into your own wellness journey by mindfully learning how proper nutrition, exercise, meditation, goal setting, journaling, self-compassion, sleep, emotions and relationships can steer you towards your best life.  

Time for Real Results ~

All is Well Health & Wellness is dedicated to working with you to get you back to taking the best care of yourself...body, mind and spirit.  My name is Mary Pergola and I am a Certified Health & Wellness Coach.  I offer private health and wellness coaching, workshops and group programs and seasonal detoxes in order to guide you through self-discovery on important wellness topics (such as nutrition, fitness, sleep, family wellness, mindfulness, self compassion, to name a few) that will ultimately help you to live your best life by setting realistic goals and achieving your Wellness Vision. Working with me will allow you to take the time to discover who you are and what values, priorities and motivators will help you to define the right goals, to replace old habits with new and improved habits and  to make the positive changes that are necessary to live a healthy life. 

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