Project Wellness

The All is Well Signature Group Program

Join us on this life changing 4 week journey, designed to give you the tools you need to live the life you desire when it comes to your whole self (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social).  You will be immersed in your own wellness journey by learning how proper nutrition, movement, meditation, goal setting, journaling, self-compassion, sleep, emotions and relationships can steer you towards your best life.

This program will be perfect for you if you can answer "yes" to the majority of these questions:

~ Do you want to learn more about how your current habits may be holding you back from success in your life?

~ Do you want to replace those habits with ones that will serve you better?

~ Do you have difficulty sticking with a plan when it comes to your health and wellness?

~ Are you tired of not getting any results?

~ Do you need help setting goals?

~ Do you need the support, accountability and camaraderie that comes from a group setting?

~ Are you more motivated in a group than on your own?

Who is This Program For?

Some people are more apt to follow through with their goals if they are doing it in collaboration with a group, consisting of other people who are working towards similar goals.  If you are one of those people, then Project Wellness is for you!

 What Does the Project Wellness Group Program Include?


~ Personal weekly check-in with a Health & Wellness Coach

~ The Project Wellness Workbook 

~ (4) weekly lessons (video for on-line program or in person)

~ Daily and weekly challenges and assignments

~ Daily private Facebook support group

~ Whole foods challenge 

~ Daily goal setting and creation of a Wellness Vision

How Much Does the Project Wellness Program Cost?

 The cost of the program for each individual participant is $160.

What Happens in the Weekly Group Sessions?


Each week we will meet as a group, either in person or, if doing the on-line program, we will meet in a closed Facebook Group.  During this time we will learn something new, talk about goals, strategies and ways to overcome obstacles.  We will share stories, successes, set-backs and tips.  We will focus on all areas of wellness, including nutrition and exercise, as well as elements of our social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual lives.  We will learn so much as a group, and individually, about what we need most in our lives in order to be successful in reaching our goals, no matter what those may be.

Where Do These Programs Take Place?


There are 2 options for a Project Wellness Group Program:


1.  Host this program from the comfort of your own home or business!


If you know of several friends or family members who are all working towards a common goal, you already have your group!  If you do not have a group in mind, no worries, I will work with you to put together a group of people with similar goals who will benefit from Project Wellness.  Rather than "Book Club," why not have a "Wellness Club?"   We will work together to come up with dates, times and details.  




2.  We also offer an On-line Project Wellness Program.  This program includes all of the same elements as the in-person group program, except that the weekly lessons will be delivered via video in the private Facebook group.   


Stay tuned for the next Project Wellness Program dates! 











Gather friends and/or family members to join you on this journey.  If you recruit 5 people, you will receive 50% off your workshop fee.  Recruit 10 or more people and you will personally receive the workshop for FREE!  


Contact me if you are interested in attending or hosting a Project Wellness Group Program.  Again, if you'd like to do this with a group of people that you already know, please let me know and we can set up your own group, starting when it is convenient for you!



Please feel free to send me a message if you are interested in talking about the possibilities!

Meet the Instructors

Mary Pergola, M.A.

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

I am so excited for people to experience the Project Wellness Program.  I truly believe in the power of a group setting and this life changing program will surely be beneficial in so many ways to each and every person who experiences it.  

Mary Pratt

Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

Project Wellness is a program filled with education, goal setting, vision, wholesome foods, mindfulness and a sharing community.  We take a mindful approach allowing each client to shape their own journey.  Our goal is to enable participants to be equipped to transform into a lifestyle of supportive, wholesome choices.